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Knowledgebase / Topic / Installing Software

Knowledgebase Topic: Installing Software
122 How can I move the MPMWIN software to another Computer/ Server Login to view Common Unrated
126 I am unable to install the Workstation Files or carry out the initial installation on a Server. Login to view Common Unrated
140 What are the minimum recommended system requirements to install and run the Marine Software modules? View Solution Common 49 %
158 I have just updated my MPMWin.exe and receive the following error messages: Function argument value Login to view Marine Planned Maintenance Unrated
208 After upgrading my OPSWin.exe file as advised by Marine Software I receive this error " Variable 'BU Login to view Marine Purchasing System Unrated
217 Why do I get the error "Cannot Create File \\Servername\folder\xxxwexe.exe" (xxx - OPS, OSK, OPM or Login to view Common Unrated
236 I want to use FRS or DFS on my Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 Server to replicate the Marine Software d Login to view Common 50 %
247 How do I install the software on a Windows Terminal Serverr? Login to view Miscellaneous 50 %
298 ADR Folders To Move When Changing Servers Login to view Software Suite Unrated
329 RDS Publishing an App located in a share Login to view Common Unrated
348 Unable to set Trusted Zone in Internet Options Login to view Common Unrated
352 Text entry boxes not showing on Windows 10 Login to view Marine Project Manager Unrated