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The Company

Marine Software Ltd was established in 1991 by company founder, Mr Derek Jennings, with the sole aim of providing simple software solutions to the maritime industry.

As an engineer himself, with over 30 years seafaring experience, Mr Jennings quickly identifed a real need for simple and intuitive solutions that ships' crews could easily navigate without the need for extensive training.

27 years and 1,800 vessels later, Marine Software continues to grow and flourish. Clients range from small operators with a single ship to those managing larger fleets through a global network of management offices.

Our products have been developed by marine professionals, experienced in shipboard and shore side management.

Our clients have experienced a range of benefits and cost efficiencies by implemention of Marine Software products.

Our helpdesk team are on-hand to provide a fast, effective and reliable technical service. 

Our motto  'Simplicity is the key to Success'  remains the cornerstone of our development philosophy.

Products & Services 

The products are designed to operate individually or as an integrated business suite.

You can start the journey by implementing a single module (e.g. Planned Maintenance), with others being introduced down the line as and when required. 

Empty databases are supplied as standard, but our well-experienced professional team can provide tailored database services if required.

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