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Automatic Data Replication

Customers looking to achieve a fully automated data replication solution between Ship/Shore can upgrade each product to utilise the Automatic Data Replication (ADR) system.

Automatic Data Replication with Cloud Transfer Service

You can subscribe to our Secure Cloud Transfer Service for your supported systems.  Using this service can also provide you with a 'Fleet dashboard' for your entire fleet accessible from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop browsers.


The advantages of the Cloud Replication Service are:-

  • Data Exports and Imports are no longer a manual process, it is totally Hands Free
  • The system will self-heal if files are corrupted in transit or go missing.
  • Data can be sent from the vessel as often as every two-hours.
  • Data can be sent from the office as often as every two-hours.
  • Different Modules can be set to export data on different time basis. E.g. MPS data you might want every couple of hours but MPM/MSK you might just want once a week.
  • No need for VPN's or opening up firewalls with inbound rules.
  • An online Fleet Dashboard for dashboard enabled systems
  • An online Transfer Status page.
  • The Import process is launched automatically as soon as a transfer is downloaded.
  • Ability to subscribe to the Cloud Software Update service
  • Transfer files are all password protected and sent over an Encrypted Connection.


Cloud Software Update Service

The cloud transfer service can also provide automated software roll-out for your entire fleet and office should you wish to subscribe to this service. Marine Software will publish a version of the software that will roll out to your entire fleet for automatic installation





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