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Specialist Support & Maintenance Services

Marine Software's Helpdesk team provides specialist Support & Maintenance services across the full product range.

All Customers are encouraged to take out this fleet package, as it offers rapid specialist support when you need it most.

You will have full access to our support website area where you will be able to upload your data to us for repair / offsite storage, download repaired databases, access the latest software upgrades and update to the latest versions of Help files\Manuals.

The integrated software support tool will allow us to view your desktop should the need arise, as this offers technical help in real time. You will require a username and password which will be supplied by us. Data downloads will be protected by an additional PIN number which must also be requested.

If you already have a Support & Maintenance agreement in place, you can visit Marine Software Support Website to access the following:-

  • Support Helpdesk (report issues or seek advice)
  • Knowledgebase & FAQ
  • View Software Licence status
  • Software Downloads & Updates
  • View Automatic Data Replication status fleetwide

Key benefits you can obtain by signing a support contract:

  • Rapid Specialist support
  • Additional features
  • System upgrades

Please, contact us for further information on our support contracts.

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