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Simplicity is the key to Success.

In an ever more complex world, U.K. based Marine Software Limited has adhered to the above motto, which forms the cornerstone of its development philosophy. Convinced of the need to offer ship owners and managers with robust, budget priced, simple to use and learn systems with a minimum training requirement. Marine Software has had many successful years since the launch of Marine Planned Maintenance for Windows system on 1st January 2000.

Software has already been installed on well over 1,800 vessels to date with many more on order. Marine Planned Maintenance for Windows was originally DNV Type Approved on 25th April 2000 so is well tested in the maritime industry. Our product range includes Stock Control, Purchasing, Safety Management and Refit (Dry-Dock) Management. We even have a Document Management system to control any documentation including ISM/ISPS and company specific documentation.

The range of installed vessels are from the P&O Ferries 'Spirit of Britain', VLCC tankers and even to support vessels for the Royal Navy, all demonstrating the flexibility of the software, both comprehensive enough to cope with a demanding installation but simple enough to use for a support boat.

Global Marine Systems purchased a series of systems to oversee the maintenance requirements of their Sub-Sea equipment including ROV (Remote Underwater Vehicles) and Ploughs. The software will travel with each individual piece of equipment as it is transferred between vessels.


Onboard systems are complemented with office based systems, which are capable of running multiple vessels. Each vessel database in an office system can be either a slave, importing data from the remote onboard system, or a master, actually running the planned maintenance system ashore. The latter configuration is ideal for small harbour based craft, too small to justify a computer installation on board, issuing job lists and updating the vessel's system from job completion sheets.

Office systems can also manage defects reported raised by the vessel, updating both systems until the defect is cleared, thus addressing the ISM requirement. Maintenance data is transferred from the onboard systems using Marine Software's Data Transfer System to send database updates, which are exchanged via email, USB stick or MSLCloud automatic transfer system.

To date, over 350 office 'multiple-ship' systems have been delivered. Some of them have even been Superintendent systems, installed on notebook computers, travelling with the Superintendent. In this way, planned maintenance data is readily available throughout the management structure.

Marine Storekeeper for Windows stock control system was launched on 1st January 2001 providing easy to use stock control to complement the planned maintenance system. Whilst implemented as a separate system, stock can be issued from within the planned maintenance system whilst entering job completions, and the inventory can be accessed from the PM JobCard screen on a look up basis. Marine Storekeeper provides all the normal stock control functions like maximum level, re-order point, stock on hand, minimum order level and refit addition. It also produces requisitions from stock, either automatically, using the preset levels, or manually.


Marine Software can provide software systems with empty databases or can provide technical set-up services from a professional team, well experienced in this area.

Marine Software's product line now includes the following systems which can all be operated independently or form part of an integrated business suite:

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