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Marine Software Newsletter - August 2017

New products and services

UK Based Marine Software Ltd is pleased to announce that they have added the following products and services to their portfolio:-

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Locally Hosted
    • Cloud Hosted
  • Marine Software Suite
  • Automatic Data Replication
    • Cloud Transfer Service
    • Via UNC over VPN
  • Cloud Software Update Service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

More companies are looking to procure software under the SaaS scheme as this offered lower cost of entry into a product range and requires no capital expenditure.

Software can be provided two ways to customers

  • Locally Hosted - Customers install the software on their own hardware.
  • Cloud Hosted - Customers can access the software from any internet connected device.

For both options customers pay a simple annual fee for use of the software. We can also mix and match to fit your needs for different locations.

Marine Software Suite

Supported customers can now install the Marine Software Suite or Office Software Suite. This gives a single desktop shortcut and a desktop toolbar giving access to the entire suite of installed software on the vessel or at the office. Customers who have upgraded to the 'Dashboard' system now have a single screen in which to view all the dashboards from the different products on one screen. The office suite has the entire fleet's modules summarised onto one screen with a summary at the top.

Automatic Data Replication

Another exciting development has been the introduction of our Automatic Data Replication system. Customers that receive the upgrade will have the facility to automatically produce and send data exports from vessel to shore and vice versa over two different mediums.

  • Companies that have existing VPN's between vessel and offices can simply use a UNC path of a shore side server.
  • Customers that don't have VPN's can subscribe to our "Cloud Transfer Service (CTS)". Vessels will exchange their data with the office via the Marine Software cloud server. Another advantage to this service is the added benefit of an online dashboard accessible from any web browser.

The system is self-healing so if there are corruptions or losses of data in transit the system will proactively recover without any user intervention. The ADR system has been live for over a year with 6 companies and 65 vessels using our Cloud Transfer Service over this period.

Cloud Software Update Service

Customers that have subscribed to ADR with CTS can also optionally upgrade to the Cloud Software Update Service. This will enable a whole fleet of vessels and offices to be at the same software version when a new version is published for CSUS update.


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