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Marine Software News - August 2019

GPK Marine installs MPMWin on new Jack Up Barge

U.K. based Marine Software Ltd have recently supplied GPK Marine Management Services with MPMWin - Marine Planned Maintenance for their latest managed new build Liftboat.

Built in 2019, this 92 Meter ABS classed self-propelled Jack Up Barge is driven by 2 x 2000 Kw electric motors and includes 97 Meter legs with a 40 Meter beam. Cargo handling also incorporates 2 x 190T/20T Cranes.

Whilst MPMWin will be locally installed to work off-line, database replication to central office is automated through Marine Software's on-line cloud transfer server.

GPK Marine has a strong track record in managing liftboats with management having over 90 years’ experience in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Middle East region with liftboats, with the intention to expand its operations in South East Asia. GPK Marine's goal is to be one of the leading liftboat operator and to provide quality and reliable services to their clients.

GPK Liftboat
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