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Office Project Manager for Windows


Office Project Manager for Windows is a central repository for all your projects compiled by technical superintendents and vessels and can also be used to prepare new projects.

You can receive report updates from your superintendents whilst they are in Dry-Dock and produce a wealth of financial\docking reports.

Marine Project Manager for Windows has been specifically designed to assist Superintendents and others engaged in ship repair with the monitoring and control of costs. It is particularly suited for annual surveys and refits as well as more occasional repair and modification projects.

These types of projects have three distinct phases that the program addresses in a logical and straightforward manner:

  • Production of Project Specification - This is primarily done from the Navigation menu, which enables you to create the structure of the project i.e. the sections of the project, the jobs within the sections etc. Then the details are entered into the Jobs.
  • Tender Analysis, Evaluation and Accept - Tenders are sent and received from the Tenders menu in either a paper or disk format. The evaluation menu enables you to view and compare all of the Tenders prior to accepting them within the Accept menu.
  • Management of Project - The day-to-day management of the project again mostly uses the Navigator and Projects menus. The Project being completed when the invoice prices are added and the various reports produced prior to settlement.

Brief Outline Of The System's Capabilities And Functions

Specifications can be typed in and printed from within the program, also estimated figures for each job can be entered into the Targets menu giving the user a rough idea of the projects cost. Later the contractor's Tender prices can be added to each individual job specification well before the project starts. Similarly any exclusions from the Tenders can be suitably estimated and a good idea of the final price for each job and for the whole project can be obtained. A detailed comparison of each of the prospective contractor's Tender prices is readily available.

Each job has its own specifications, notes, reports, prices and status fields where the user can enter any information relating to the job. For example the notes field could contain information regarding particular points to watch out for and this can be augmented as the project continues, forming the basis for the final report.

The system will allow for current currency and exchange rates to be entered, this enables all cost field to be changed as required between the home currency and the project currency. This can prove very useful when assessing "value" with regard to a specific Tender price or additional work.

The Tender menu allows prices to be entered quickly after the Tenders are returned in either a paper format, where the figures are entered manually, or where the figures are returned via email or USB memory stick and loaded into the system.

Once all of the shipyard / contractor Tender returns have been entered into the Tender browse screen, an evaluation or comparison can be carried out of the costs between each Tender. During this evaluation stage an exclusion figure can be included either for the whole project or down to each job for a specific shipyard / contractor.

During the project close control is exercised by regularly entering all extra work as and when it occurs, by registering a credit for any quoted work consequently found unnecessary or work that was not completed. At ALL times the total project cost is kept under constant review.

Report printouts are available in various formats including the financial breakdowns of specified sections


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