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Marine Planned Maintenance for Windows 

DNV Type Approved - Click to View DNV Certificate


After being well tested in the industry over the last 30 years, this system will effectively assist ship owners and managers to streamline all planned maintenance activities in a simple and intuitive way.

Running hours, class surveys, certificates and operational checks can all be incorporated with various levels of reporting available. Manufacturers manuals can be stored in the system and are available for the crew to open on the jobcard.

ISM safety critical components as defined by your safety management system can be flagged and closely monitored using the system dashboard enhancement.

The defect management feature meets ISM requirements for defect reporting and the ship information system provides somewhere to store a mass of vessel information.

A data replication system will transfer database updates ashore via email, USB stick or automatically via our Cloud Transfer Service. This enhances remote technical management by providing timely fleet information at the touch of a button using the Office Planned Maintenance version.

Vibration Analysis Link The Marine Planned Maintenance System can optionally Link with the 'Mariner' & 'Voyager' (aka as 'Detector III' & 'FAG DTECT X1 s' from Schaeffler FAG) monitoring units. This allows the Planned Maintenance System to schedule when the reading needs to be taken and offer simple guidance on the corrective actions to rectify the Alarm or Pre-Alarm Condition. The crew do not need to be trained in Vibration Analysis techniques.

The MPMWIN Full version is a DNV Type Approved with the latest renewal being awarded on 21 June 2021.

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