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22 June 2021 - MPMWIN has received its DNV Type Approval renewal..

Marine Document Manager for Windows


The increasing legal and customer requirements to record the essential activities of a company, whether for traceability, technical or health and safety, imposes a considerable demand on those personnel responsible for document management.

Policies, procedures and forms are regularly updated. The process of managing the review across different geographical areas each with several departments, ensuring that old documents are removed and replaced with new, can be a challenging exercise. The first audit after a document review often generates a few noted observations!

Marine Document Manager has been designed as a central point to accommodate and manage a company's document system. It is robust and auditable, but at the same time versatile, user friendly and accessible to personnel with various levels of user skills.

System Features:

  • Create new documents or forms within Marine Document Manager or import existing documents from Word or Excel
  • Security Levels control authority to Publish, modify or import documents
  • Previous published documents are stored into History
  • Version Numbering
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Non Conformance Notes and Observation reports
  • ISPS Documents and Forms with restricted access only to authorised users
  • Multi User system with central site issue and control
  • Email data transfers from office to ship and ship to office
  • Instant access to company policies and documents
  • Easy to use with minimal training

Available Versions

The following systems will come in Full and 'Lite' versions:

  • Office Document Management (ODM) - Create all your Generic and Specific documents for your fleet in the default ship in the office. Control all your vessels from within the Office system.
  • Marine Document Manager (MDM) Ship Version - Import documents from your company safety department or create them onboard. Import ISM documents from the office system. Fill in forms on board and export results to the office.

Simplicity is the key to success with all computerized marine systems.

Key benefits

  • Robust
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal Training required

Further information

Information on Support & Maintenance Contracts

MDM - Frequently Asked Questions

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