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Office Safety & Document Manager for Windows


Office Safety & Document Manager for Windows A combined module that manages your fleet's SMS and ISM documentation from a single location.

  • Transmits changes to your entire fleet.
  • Receives filled in forms from your fleet.

Marine Safety and Document Manager for Windows has been specifically designed to assist operators safety departments with the requirements under ISM for Health and Safety and Document Management.

The system will create and track the following safety documents:

  • Risk, COSHH, Machinery and Manual Handling assessments
  • Permits to Work
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Health Monitoring
  • Incident Reporting
  • Environmental Aspects, Impacts & Monitoring
  • ISPS Documents and Forms
  • Documents (e.g. Policies, Procedures, Responsibilities etc)
  • Import existing documents from Word or Excel
  • Security Levels control authority to publish, modify or import documents
  • Previous published documents are stored into History
  • Version Numbering
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Non Conformance Notes and Observation reports
  • ISPS Documents and Forms with restricted access only to authorised users
  • Multi User system with central site issue and control
  • Instant access to company policies and documents
  • Easy to use with minimal training

Operators will be able to set up all their generic and specific documents (such as a Risk Assessment) in the Office system and deploy them to their Fleet. Each vessel will be able to import the assessment into the Vessel system for their use. Of course a vessel system can create their own documents as they wish.

Policies, procedures and forms are regularly updated. The process of managing the review across different geographical areas each with several departments, ensuring that old documents are removed and replaced with new, can be a challenging exercise. The first audit after a document review often generates a few noted observations!

Each Vessel will be able to transfer their data to the office, so the operators safety department can monitor all the documents on each vessel in their fleet.

Keep Track Of Your Documents

Do you know when all of your Risk Assessments (RA) are due for review and re-assessment? With Marine Safety Manager you can see if your RA is due for review.

  • Outstanding Permits will stay live on the system until they are completed and Signed off by the Authorising Officer.
  • Electronically Sign your Documents via an Encrypted Password System.
  • Changes are saved into History so you can track your versions.

Available Versions

  • Office Safety & Document Management (OSDM) - Create all your Generic and Specific documents for your fleet in the default ship in the office. Control all your vessels from within the Office system.
  • Marine Safety & Document Manager (MSDM) Ship Version - Import documents from your company safety department or create them onboard. For each of your operational activities you can attach Generic and Specific Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, Safe Systems of Work, Permits to work and Health Monitoring. Incident reports can be created against the activity.

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