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Austal Ships Testimonial

"Since 2003, Austal Service has chosen to use Marine Planned Maintenance (MPM) and suggests MPM as a potential planned maintenance system to newbuilding clients of Austal Group shipyards.

Over the last few years Austal Service has used several different PM packages and was looking for a robust, thorough and cost effective solution to meet its needs.

MPM was found to contain all of the features needed and is not bogged down with features that are rarely if ever used.

Ease of use was also considered a high priority. The tree structure in MPM has been found to be very intuitive and Austal Service's experience is that creating a PM database 'from scratch' is simple and not time consuming.

Austal Service has found that the customer support offered by Marine Software is excellent, even over the many time zones that separate the UK and Australia. Any problems, emailed are always responded to rapidly and solutions are usually found 'overnight'. Another positive point is the willingness of the Marine Software team to offer customised solutions to individual customer's needs.

Pricing was of course a consideration. MPM offered all of the solutions and features Austal Service need at a fraction of the cost of some of the other systems on the market.

MPM offers the required degree flexibility within a logical and intuitive structure. It is thorough and robust without being overly detailed. It is cost effective, easy to use and is backed up with excellent customer support and has been found to be an ideal solution for Austal Service's needs".

Austal Service