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NERC Research Ship Unit Testimonial

"The Research Ship Unit chose Marine Software Ltd as they offered us a package of software, best suited to our onboard and office management systems. As Marine Software's motto states - 'Simplicity' really is key to success.

The Marine Planned Maintenance system has been on board our Research ships for well over 6 years now, and is user friendly and simple to use. We have seen that all on board users can get to grips with the system very quickly indeed, which makes a big difference in managing the system. On board status can be easily monitored ashore using the fleet OPM Office Planned Maintenance system, along with quickly actioning any raised ships defects that require urgent attention.

We have also worked closely with Marine Software Ltd in developing the additional MPJ Marine Project Manager module to best suit our needs, which has proven very successful in use on a number of dry-dock specificaion projects.

We are confident that our relationship with Marine Software will help us to continue in developing the efficiency of our fleet operation".

Technical Manager - NERC Research Ship Unit