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22 June 2021 - MPMWIN has received its DNV Type Approval renewal..
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Marine Software Newsletter - June 2012

DnV awards Type Approval renewal to Marine Planned Maintenance

Following a successful Type Approval renewal by DnV, U.K based Marine Software Ltd is pleased to announce that Marine Planned Maintenance complies to DnV requirements for Type Approval of Planned Maintenance Systems as described in Type Approval Programme 10-706.70-1, April 2009.

The MPM – Marine Planned Maintenance for Windows has now been awarded Type Approval Certificate No. M-PMS-8744.

Due to stricter NOx emission requirements under MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI Regulation 13, vessels which hold an Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (EIAPP) must provide and maintain a Record Book of Engine Parameters.

After discussions with DnV regarding the Record Book of Engine Parameters (RBEP) and NOx influencing components, DnV have proposed to IACS that these can be part of an electronic planned maintenance system. This topic is still under review and may be subject to change, but Marine Software wanted to address this important issue within the MPM software to start the identification of NOx influencing components. This will ultimately assist vessel operators move toward meeting this requirement within an electronic planned maintenance system.

This was not part of the Type Approval scope, but Marine Software upgraded the MPM product to incorporate an Engine Parameter Book to enable a review of all previous Maintenance, Component Exchanges and Setting Adjustments that have been carried out on the NOx Influencing Engine Components. These NOx emission requirements under Regulation 13 do not apply in all cases, as there are certain exemptions.

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