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Marine Software Newsletter - March 2013

Tallink-Silja installs new STA upgrade for MPM on Swedish flagged vessels

U.K. based Marine Software Ltd has delivered an MPM - Marine Planned Maintenance upgrade to Tallink-Silja, for installation on-board their Swedish flagged vessels "Silja Symphony" and "Galaxy".

Project "Systemtillsyn" is a way for the Swedish transport agency to devolve a large portion of their survey responsibility to the crews on Swedish flagged vessels. The Swedish Transport Agency has a survey guide book (THB) which contains all 480 survey items applicable to most types of Swedish flagged vessels giving surveyors guidance for each survey.

As most survey items are already covered by their MPM Marine Planned Maintenance PMS system, Tallink-Silja asked Marine Software to integrate this additional STA survey requirement with the existing planned maintenance database.

Marine Software was able to produce an additional module, which incorporated the Surveyors Guide book, enabling existing planned maintenance jobs to be attached to individual survey items.


Planned maintenance activities, including all STA linked items, proceed as normal throughout the year and the MPM system enables the operator to produce a status report for the STA surveyors review two weeks before the annual flag survey. In addition, when the STA is onboard for the annual survey the vessel is able to produce a report including the history of all jobs flagged as failures or unscheduled maintenance.


This new STA module is a powerful example of how Marine Software is able to respond to their customers evolving requirements and produce bespoke software solutions to enhance the existing software.

Tallink-Silja Comments:

"As the project manager for this new system, it has been of great help to me not having to deal with the problem how to produce the reports with flags. A combination of my original specification as well as Marine Software's experience in programming and how to make user friendly interfaces resulted in a well working module.

The project is now finished and two of three Swedish flagged vessels in the Tallink-Silja fleet have passed the approval survey with flying records.

Last month the Swedish transport agency informed me that our STA module is the only PM-system capable of producing the flagged reports demanded to receive full approval.

Marine Software have been very flexible with changes to the specification and all issues along the way has been dealt with quickly and professionally"

Project Manager, Mr Anders Öst

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