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Marine Planned Maintenance 'Layup' for Windows

U.K based Marine Software Limited announces the launch of a vessel “Lay-up” maintenance system which can be purchased, either as an additional module for existing Marine Planned Maintenance equipped vessels, or as a stand alone system for any other vessel. The first system has been delivered to Bluewater Ship Management for UND BIRLIK.

Typically, maintenance requirements for laid up vessels with idle machinery differ from the normal running maintenance and so special Lay-up JobCards can be created covering this. These PM JobCards only become active when the system is put into lay-up mode, when they are automatically scheduled. All normal completed maintenance is suspended but any overdue maintenance remains active unless it is completed during the lay-up period. Class Survey remains unaffected and live whilst the vessel is laid-up.

Depending on the type of lay-up Hot Ship or Cold Ship and normal maintenance covering running machinery such as Diesel Alternators, Boilers etc can be tagged to remain live during the lay-up period.

On reactivation of the vessel, the normal PM system can be reactivated giving the operator the option to continue with the suspended calendar based maintenance schedule from the date of suspension, or to shift it forward re-commencing from the reactivation date. The specific lay-up PM Cards are deactivated on reactivation of the vessel. Once again, Class Survey’s remain unaffected.

1.4 MPM Layup screen required.JPG

Key benefits

  • Robust
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal Training required

Further information

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MPM - Frequently Asked Questions

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